Remembering Brian Boru Millennium Concert 1014 – 2014

One thousand years ago, this year, Brian Boru, King of Munster and All Ireland faced a Viking Force at the Battle of Clontarf. Brian and his armies were victorious on the day, though the elderly King was killed by a retreating Viking Lord.

Every Irish schoolkid has heard of Brian Boru, but the events leading up to Good Friday, April 23rd 1014, nor indeed the life and times of the King are not so well known.

Brian’s court in Co. Clare was said to have been a cultured place, fostering musicians, singers and historians, and perhaps the association stems from this. Either way, it’s a great reason to tune up the harps, fiddles, flute, bass,bouzouki and pipes, and celebrate this great Gaelic Tale.

Tale of the Gael team up with Carlow born classical flautist Robert Tobin  for a well researched, interesting and informative presentation on the times which  features aspects of medieval Dublin, 11th century Ireland, Vikings, plenty of music and of  course a close-up on Brian….a  whole new way of looking at The Life of Brian Boru.

Tale of the Gael have sewn this magnificent saga into a 90 minute musical weave that delights, informs and entertains through well researched anecdote and the finest of Irish music.

From the opening years of the 11th century, music and story work together bringing the  far-flung elements of this fascinating tale to the one bloody confrontation that was  Clontarf on April 23rd, 1014. The musicians come from a variety of musical backgrounds, and have previously worked on creating musical tapestries from aspects of Irish history.

Carlow Easter Féile

Carlow Easter Féile

Direct from sell out concerts in Strasbourg, France and in C.P.O Lausanne Switzerland it is an honour to welcome Tale of the Gale to perform Remembering  Brian Boru Millennium Concert in St. Mary’s Church, Carlow, Ireland on Friday, April 25th @ 7pm.

Céad Míle Fáilte go Ceatharlach!