Carlow Stories Collection 2014

Having used the National Folklore Collection in UCD as one of their sources
for ‘Carlow Folk Tales’ ¬†father and daughter Jack Sheehan and Aideen
MCBride are inspired to make a 2014 collection of stories form across the
county to add to the archives. The stories collected will be added to made
available to the public through Carlow County Libraries and the National
Folklore Collection in UCD.

Carlow County Libraries have organised a number of meetings in the
libraries where residents can meet with Jack and Aideen to hear more about
the project, hear some stories and tell some stories, or if they have a
great store of stories make arrangements for a meeting to have them

Arrangements are also under way to organise similar meetings in other towns
and villages in the county. You can check the Facebook Page for details as
these dates are set. www.facebook.com/CarlowFolkTales

Carlow Folk Tales