The Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society has since its founding in 1946 (as The Old Carlow Society) presented a series of lectures over the winter months. In 2015 we commenced recording lectures to both preserve them and to make them available for people who were unable to attend at the time.

We have also made available some older lectures which have been kindly donated by members and some other talks which are related to the history of Carlow.

2017/18 Lecture Series

Dr. Catherine Cox, Carlow Lunatic Asylum, 18th October, 2017

Dr. Patrick O’Reilly, Cattle Plague in Ireland: An Early Medieval Game-Changer, 15th November, 2017

Dr. Patrick O’Reilly, Cattle Plague in Ireland: Presentation


2016/17 Lecture Series

Paul Maguire, The Battle of the Somme, 19th August 2016

Paul Maguire, The Battle of the Somme, Q&A, 19th August 2016

Msgr Brendan Byrne, St. Mary’s College, Knockbeg, 1913-1923, 15th March 2017

Jimmy Walsh, Carlow Fairs and Marts, 15th February 2017, Part 1  Part 2

Dr. Seamus Ó Murchú, The Archaeology of the Blackstairs, 19th April 2017

2015/16 Lecture Series

The life & times of Micheál Ó Hanrahán, Dr. Conor Kostick, 20th April 2016.

The Black Death in Carlow and Leinster,  Finbar Dwyer, 18th May 2016

Mini Lectures on the clothing, weapons and food of 1916, Roisin Bowling, Paul Maguire & Imelda Byrne, 4th August 2016


Other lectures and talks

Dargan 150

The Dargan 150 Seminar , commemorating the life of William Dargan, took place in the Dargan Building, Carlow IT on Saturday 18th November 2017. Here are some of the speakers on the day

Fergus Mulligan, Keynote Address

Dr. Kieran Feighan, William Dargan – Engineering Irelands transformation in the 19th Century

Pat O’Neill, William Dargan – Agricultural Improver & the Great Exhibition of 1853

Elaine Callinan: Launch of Carloviana 2017. Click here to access

John Kelly: Talk to Tudor Stuart Conference 2016 on  ‘The Collection of cess, pardons and fines by Robert Hartpole, Constable of Carlow, between 1569 and 1571’. Click here to access

Seamus Murphy Collection: A variety of lectures, talks, tours and interviews recorded in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s by Seamus Murphy; a long standing member of the Old Carlow Society/Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society. Click here to access 



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