The Great War through the eyes of the Poets

Please join the Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society for the fourth in the winter lecture series.

An evening presentation by Jim Shannon titled “The Great War through the eyes of the Poets.”

“The First World War was a cataclysmic upheaval, changing fundamentally the lives of many millions. There were at the time a great many different views and opinions on the war. In this talk these views, as expressed in the works of contemporary poets, are examined, showing a wide divergence of opinion, ranging from the patriotic ultra-romantic work of Rupert Brooke, through the graphic realism of Wilfred Owen, to the searing sarcasm of Siegfried Sassoon, and including the feminine viewpoint as expressed by such poets as Katherine Tynan.”


The talk will take place on 21st February, 8pm, Leighlinbridge Parish Centre. Admission is free and all welcome.







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