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Ballon Hill Project

Through the information currently available, it appears as though Ballon Hill, Co. Carlow was a burial ground of national importance in Bronze Age Ireland (approx. 2500 – 4500 years ago).

The Ballon Hill Archaeology Project (BHAP) was set up to investigate the extent of the archaeology located here and to highlight the importance of the hill to our archaeological record.

The BHAP, conducted in conjunction with Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society, Carlow County Museum and Carlow County Development Partnership, is a community-based not-for-profit heritage project. It seeks not only to understand but communicate the importance of the archaeology located at Ballon Hill.

Phase 1 of the project is now complete and we are grateful for the support of Carlow County Development Partnership, CHAS, Carlow County Museum and Carlow County Library. This phase aimed to record and analyze the archaeological artefacts from Ballon Hill held in several museums in Ireland and Britain. To achieve this, the project secured the services of specialists in the fields of prehistoric ceramic analysis, osteoarchaeology and Bronze Age metal working. Aerial photographs and Lidar data were also assessed to identify possible earthwork monuments on the hill. A full technical report has been submitted and publication of the results of Phase 1 is now available in Carlow County Library.

Official handover of the Ballon Hill Archaeology Project Phase I report to Carlow County Library

Official handover of the Ballon Hill Archaeology Project Phase I report to Carlow County Library

The official submission of the Ballon Hill Archaeology Project (BHAP) Phase 1 report to the Carlow County Library

Phase I Report can be downloaded here

Phase 2 will concentrate on the early Bronze Age environs of Ballon Hill, focusing on burial and related monuments and artefacts.

Project coordinators: Nial O’Neill, Deirdre Kearney and Pat O’Neill.

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