Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society is now accepting papers for inclusion in the next edition of its yearly journal, Carloviana, which will be launched in November 2020.

The Society welcomes the submission of original papers for publication from both members and non-members. Papers should be related to the history of County Carlow or surrounding areas. Papers about national or international issues should have a connection to Carlow or to persons with a Carlow connection. Papers should be written with the awareness that Carloviana is read by a wide range of readers, including specialists and non-specialists.

If you are intending or considering submitting a paper for inclusion in Carloviana 2021 it greatly helps our planning of the journal if you inform us in advance. We will be glad to give advice and assistance to anyone who is considering submitting a paper.

Please note that the final deadline for submission of papers is 30 June 2020. This deadline will be strictly adhered to and any papers received after it will be considered for the following years journal.

A revised set of guidelines for contributors is now on our website. You can access them here.

All papers for consideration for publication in Carloviana should be sent to the Honorary Editor at

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