These Carlow Feis programmes dating from the period 1913 to 1930 were donated to CHAS by Monsignor Brendan Byrne on behalf of Knockbeg College (the exception is the 1913 Feis programme, which was part of the Irish Traditional Music  Archive collection). They contain a wealth of local historical and genealogical information.

Note the variation in the spelling of Ceatharlach.

Feis agus Aonac Ceatharloca 1913

Feis Ceatarloca 1920

Feis Ceatharlocha 1921

Feis Ceatharlac 1922

Feis Ceatarlac 1927

Feis Ceatarloc 1927 Clar

Feis Ceatarlac 1927 Newspaper Article

Feis Ceatharloc 1928 Leabhar an Feise

Feis Ceatharloch 1930 Clar

Feis Ceatarloc 1932 Clar

Feis Ceatarloc 1932 Leabhar an Feise

Feis Ceatarloc 1934 Clar