On Wednesday 18th of October the first CHAS lecture of the 2017/2018 series took place in the Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow. Dr. Catherine Cox of the U.C.D. School of History gave a well received a talk on the Carlow Lunatic Asylum.

The talk drew on research carried out for her 2003 Ph.D. thesis Managing Insanity: Carlow Lunatic Asylum, 1832–1922; and her more recent book, Negotiating insanity in the southeast of Ireland, 1820-1900, which was published in 2012. To listen to Dr. Cox’s talk click here.

For more details about the talk see this cutting from The Nationalist.






  1. Hello, I am wondering whether you know if Catherine Cox will be doing another talk on Carlow Lunatic Asylum as i have had a few people ask because they can not make the 18th?
    Kind Regards

    • Caroline

      Her lecture next Wednesday is the only talk we have her booked for. However we are hoping that Dr Cox will give us permission to record her lecture and we will make it available on our website.



  2. Hi Just rang Seven Oaks & they told me talk is from 7pm till 10pm. Just read above 8pm. Can you confirm time please.
    Also my 10 yr old son is doing a project on St. Dumpna’s for school. Would this talk be appropriate for him to listen to?


    • Hi Michelle

      The lecture is starting at 8.

      I dont know about the suitability of the lecture to a 10 year old – but given the subject I would think some of the material might be of an adult nature. But ultimately its up to you if you want to bring him. We’re hoping (if Dr Cox consents) to record the lecture for our website so he can listen afterwards under your supervision if that works out.


      John Kelly

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