The Battle of the Somme, Paul Maguire

From July 1st 1916 & for the following 141 days the flower of Ireland’s manhood was squandered & lost in the misery and the carnage of the Somme. Paul Maguire, of Carlow Military Museum, presented the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society inaugural lecture for 2016/17 on “The

2016 Mini Lectures: Photos and Audio

Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society Chairman Bertie Watchorn introduced the 3 mini lectures on the clothing/uniforms, weapons and food of 1916 on Wednesday 24th August 2016 in St. Patricks College, Carlow.   Róisín Bowling presented her design from “Uniformity 16”, celebrating Cumann na mBan & what they

Ballymoon Castle, Professor Tadhg O’Keefe

Ballymoon Castle, Professor Tadhg O'Keefe

The History of Ballymoon Castle, a lecture by Professor Tadhg O’Keeffe This lecture in the 2016 Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society (CHAS) lecture series took place on Wednesday 16th March in Bagenalstown Credit Union Meeting Room at 8pm. Ballymoon Castle, built c.1300 is a striking, unusual building

Visitations of Vengance, Chris Power

Visitations of Vengeance

Visitations of Vengeance:the dramatic account of the life & death of Percival Lea-Wilson. Chris Power discussed the dramatic account of the the life and death of Percival Lea Wilson. This tragic story is perhaps one of the most powerful and extraordinary stories from the Irish war for

Lectures 2015-2016

Carlow Historical an Archaeological Society Lectures 2015-2016

Since its foundation in 1946 the society has put on a series of six autumn/winter lectures each year. The topics covered in these lectures vary from subjects of local historical interest to national issues. See below for details of upcoming lectures. These lectures are held in various