Update – Kieran’s talk is now available in Audio and Video format at https://carlowhistorical.com/media/

On Wednesday  20th Jan @ 8pm Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society presented an online lecture by Kieran Hickey on Wolves in Ireland.  As we know Carlow has a special connection with wolves in Ireland as the last recorded wolf to be killed in Ireland is said to have been on Mount Leinster by John Watson of Ballydarton House in Carlow. 

This talk focussed on the story of wolves in Ireland from a variety of evidence sources including archaeological, myths and folklore, names and place names and a wide variety of documentary evidence. It also explored the causes of the extermination of the wolf in Ireland and finish on a brief discussion on their possible reintroduction.

The talk is now available in Audio and Video format at https://carlowhistorical.com/media/

Kieran Hickey is a Senior Lecturer in Geography in University College Cork and also Head of the Department of Geography and Head of the School of the Human Environment.  

Kieran regularly appears on national TV, radio and the print media along with local media in relation to his expertise on climate change, weather and natural disasters both in Ireland and internationally.  

His main interests are storms and hurricanes and the climate-coastal interface, climate change, historical climatology, weather disasters. To this end Kieran has undertaking a number of research projects on the climate, climate history of Ireland along with more specialized research on changing patterns of Atlantic storminess, hurricanes and the climate change attribution of extreme weather events.  

He has published two books on climate change and Ireland, one on wolves and edited a third on hurricanes along with numerous journal articles, book chapters and other publications. 

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