For our April 2021 talk, CHAS invites members to join Jennifer Carbery to explore the ancient monuments built for the Gods, harbouring fairies, defended by warriors and sometimes destroyed by kings or colonists.

Ireland is known for its legends and myths with the Eastern parts of Meath, Louth and Westmeath holding the largest collection of passage burial tombs on the island. This broad overview of key sites will allow us to dip into what the archaeology, history and mythology of these sites tell us about how people lived or imagined these iconic ancient places over time.

This talk will explore the archaeology, history and myths of the Ancient East, leading us on a tour across the landscape of this fascinating land of legends. Over the centuries, Ireland has become known for its rich folklore, tales of courageous warriors, enchanted women, origin myths, fairy forts and knowledge yielded from saints and scholars.

We will discuss the medieval texts which reveal and record the collection of legends and lore about this area. On our journey, we will explore the ceremonial site of the High Kings of Tara, Loughcrew and the Slieve na Calliagh. Until we finish at the centre of Ireland, Uisneach where time began, the naval of the island, with stories of tribes colliding and warriors competing. Join us to unravel the stories behind the stones of Irelands Ancient East.

You can attend the talk on Wednesday 21 April at 8pm by Zoom: or on the CHAS Facebook page

Because of the visual nature of this talk, it is recommended that where possible viewers use a large screen to view.

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