Dun St lanes 1873

A small subcommittee of the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society has for some time now been conducting research into the locations of the many old lanes of Carlow which have long since disappeared.
Their research involved consulting a range of maps and historical records as well as discussions with the members of the society and anybody they felt had information which could help them. They have succeeded in identifying the locations of thirty two of these old lanes but there are another twenty five whose locations are unknown.
They are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the location of these uncharted lanes in the hope that someone somewhere has information not yet discovered.
These unidentified lanes fall into two categories:

Lanes whose existence has been confirmed from historical records(14):

Hanlon’s Lane Quarries
Kenny’s Lane Rutland Place
McDonnel’s Lane Scragg’s Alley
McGennis Lane Scuttler’s Lane/Alley
McQuaid’s Lane Stable Lane
Meat Market Wall Lane
Pill Row White Walls

Lanes where only the names are available(11):

Brick Lane Garrett’s Lane
Carter’s Lane Gurley’s/Curley’s Lane
Castle Lane Hunt’s Lane
Church Lane Winter’s Lane
Durkan’s Lane Winnett’s Lane
Fish Alley Lane

The members of the subcommittee would be delighted to receive any information which might pinpoint the location of these lanes and would particularly appreciate receipt of any documentation which would identify the locations. They can be contacted at any of the following email addresses:

Dan Carbery dancarbery39@gmail.com
Paul Lyons paulmlyons@gmail.com
Pat O’Neill oneillaccts@eircom.net

Information may also be submitted to them at Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society, P. O. Box
162, Carlow.

When all the information that is available has been acquired the subcommittee will finalise the project by preparing a map of the town on which the long forgotten lanes will be marked.


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