The Society welcomes the submissions of original papers for publication in its yearly journal, Carloviana, from non-members as well as from members. Contributors should always retain a copy of material submitted.

Papers submitted should be related to the history of County Carlow or surrounding areas. Papers about national or international issues should have a connection to Carlow or to persons with a Carlow connection. Papers should be written with the awareness that Carloviana is read by a wide range of readers, including specialists and non-specialists.

The preferred length of a paper is up to 5,000 words. The society accepts longer papers where the subject matter calls for more detailed treatment, however the society reserves the right to publish such papers in instalments in successive editions.

A brief biographical note of the author should be sent in a separate file for publication with the paper (max. 100 words).

Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society reserves the right to change the format and style of all papers submitted to match the style used throughout the Journal.


  • Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or other word processor format.
  • Do not embed any illustrations or tables in the paper.
  • Contributions should be in typescript and right-hand margins should not be justified.
  • Text should be double-spaced, in portrait orientation and be of only one size and style of type
  • Quotations should not be italicised. In accordance with the accepted practice presently used, single quotation marks should be used for all quotations. Double quotation marks are only used for a quotation within a quotation.
  • Numbers: Numbers under 100 should be written in words. Figures may be used to describe a range of specified quantities.
  • Time: Use words for time e.g. six weeks, two years.
  • Currency: Express in figures and in the currency of the period e.g. £2,700, $650, €14.50.
  • Dates: Should be in the format DD MM YYYY (i.e. 9 February 1968)
  • Spelling should follow English rather than US conventions
  • References should be made by means of footnotes and a bibliography/further reading list (if considered necessary) should be short and only list key works.
  • The submitted paper should be the final version and should have been checked by the contributor for grammar and spelling.

Illustrations & Photographs

The contributor is responsible for obtaining permission for reproduction from the copyright holder, if the material is still in copyright. Even if an illustration is no longer in copyright, an acknowledgement of the source from which it was obtained must be given.

Illustrations & Photographs must be submitted as separate digital images at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If a contributor wishes to use original images these should be submitted directly to the editor. Captions for illustrations should be sent in a separate MS Word document and numbered sequentially.

Tables should be sent as separate files and not embedded in the text.


Carloviana is a local history journal and we encourage our to enhance their papers by referencing their papers. This assists readers and researchers to identify and explore the original sources used. Unreferenced papers are unlikely to be used as sources by academic researchers. Most importantly referencing is a way to give credit to the sources from which information was obtained and ensure that the writer is not accused of plagiarism. Carloviana editorial committee members are available to advise and assist any contributors who are unfamiliar with how to reference a paper.

We recommend that referencing of papers be in the style used for U.C.D. History Essays. These follow the rules established by the journal Irish Historical Studies, which may be consulted of if more detail on correct referencing is required.


Proofs of papers may be returned for checking to contributors. Corrections must be confined to typographical errors only.

Contributors should return corrected proofs to the editor within 1 week of receipt.


Papers for consideration for publication in Carloviana should be sent to the Honorary Editor at

Proposed papers may subject to peer review in advance of publication. Peer review will be done on a double-blind basis, i.e. the identity of the reviewer and author will not be revealed to either party.

The deadline for submissions is strictly June 30st.  Submissions received after that date will be considered for the following year’s publication.

Notes for Contributors March 7, 2018