Have you ever wondered where Bowling Green Lane was in Carlow town? Or Barnard’s Lane or Schoolhouse Lane? Now is the time to find out.

Dan Carbery, Paul Lyons and Pat O’Neill of the Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society have spent the last few years pouring over old maps, legal documents, lists and publications and they presented the results of their labours at a lecture ‘Old Lanes & Streets of Carlow’  held at 8.00 pm in the Seven Oaks Hotel Carlow on Wednesday 21st March. The talk was extremely well attended.

You can listen to the talk here.

There are a number of lanes whose locations are still unknown and any further information will be most gratefully accepted.

  1. Wondered if you could be of any help to me I am 80 years old and both my grandparents (born 1878 and 1880 respectively), on my mother’s side, came from Carlow I have a group photo of grandads looks like a college/institute but I have no idea what or where it was taken.
    If you think you could help I would be delighted to send you a copy.
    Molly Cooper.

    • Hi Molly

      If you can send on a copy of the picture we will do our best to help you. Send it to editor@carlowhistorical.com.

      Can you send names and addresses, etc for your grandparents, it might help our search.


      John Kelly

  2. Just for the record I have an ancestor, Margaret Sarah Tennant, who was living at 3 PEARSON’S TERRACE SUNDYMOUNT BURRIN ST CARLOW before she was married. I can find Burrin Street of course, but not Pearsons Terrace

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