Have you ever wondered where Bowling Green Lane was in Carlow town? Or Barnard’s Lane or Schoolhouse Lane? Now is the time to find out.

Dan Carbery, Paul Lyons and Pat O’Neill of the Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society have spent the last few years pouring over old maps, legal documents, lists and publications and they presented the results of their labours at a lecture ‘Old Lanes & Streets of Carlow’  held at 8.00 pm in the Seven Oaks Hotel Carlow on Wednesday 21st March. The talk was extremely well attended.

You can listen to the talk here.

There are a number of lanes whose locations are still unknown and any further information will be most gratefully accepted.

  1. Wondered if you could be of any help to me I am 80 years old and both my grandparents (born 1878 and 1880 respectively), on my mother’s side, came from Carlow I have a group photo of grandads looks like a college/institute but I have no idea what or where it was taken.
    If you think you could help I would be delighted to send you a copy.
    Molly Cooper.

    • Hi Molly

      If you can send on a copy of the picture we will do our best to help you. Send it to editor@carlowhistorical.com.

      Can you send names and addresses, etc for your grandparents, it might help our search.


      John Kelly

  2. Just for the record I have an ancestor, Margaret Sarah Tennant, who was living at 3 PEARSON’S TERRACE SUNDYMOUNT BURRIN ST CARLOW before she was married. I can find Burrin Street of course, but not Pearsons Terrace

  3. Hi
    I am trying to follow up on Margaret Kerwin – wife of John Kerwin. They lived in Green Lane. She died in 1898 aged about 77. She has some fame because she followed he husband to the Crimean War and wrote about her experiences.

    I would be grateful to know more about her.


    • Hi Yvonne unfortunately Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society does not provide a genealogical or historical research service.
      Our main focus is the promotion of local history through tours, lectures and our journal, Carloviana.

      However, we can suggest a number of ways by which you might progress your Carlow family or historical
      1. Facebook:
      Queries can by posted on the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society Facebook page and our
      community of followers may be able to help.
      2. General historical information about Carlow:
      a. Carloviana: A full archive of the journal of the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society is available
      online for free with an up to date index.
      b. The Local Studies section of Carlow County Library: The library holds an extensive collection of material
      relating to the History of Carlow.
      c. Internet Archive: This is a non‐profit online library of books and other media. Items of particular Carlow
      interest include The History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow, Comerfords Collections relating to the
      dioceses of Kildare and Leighlin, Vol 3., and the Journals of the Association for the Preservation of
      Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (content arranged by County, these contain extensive historical and
      genealogical information on Carlow).
      3. Genealogy and Family History:
      There is extensive information available online, far too much to deal with here. Below are a number of key
      resources which you might explore to begin your search:
      a. Genealogy: Carlow County Library offers a genealogist service in Carlow Library on Tuesday and
      Wednesday by appointment only. The genealogist will facilitate and assist with genealogy queries, guide
      people in their searches, and inform people of sources both free and those that have a fee. The Genealogist
      does not have the resources to undertake in‐depth research for individuals. Telephone on +353599129709
      or by e‐mail to genealogy@carlowcoco.ie. The appointment is available free of charge for the first 30
      minutes of the first meeting. Additional appointments will incur a charge of €20 per hour.
      b. Carlow Newspapers: These can be accessed for free on Microfilm in the County Library. In addition the
      Nationalist and Leinster Times and the Carlow Sentinel have been digitised and can be searched using the
      library’s computers. Library visitors can also search the Irish Newspaper Archive online at the library.
      c. Co. Carlow Genealogy Projects: This website contains a huge amount of diverse information and
      historical material including records, photographs, articles, etc…. Access is free and information is arranged
      under headings/themes.
      d. Irish Genealogy: This is the Irish Government genealogy website and home to the on‐line historic
      Indexes of the Civil Registers (GRO) of Births, Marriages, Civil Partnerships and Deaths and to church
      Records of Baptism, Marriage and Burial from a number of counties. Access is free and searchable by name,
      location and date. http://www.irishgenealogy.ie
      e. The National Library of Ireland: The Catholic Parish Registers website is available online. Access is free
      and searchable by Parish, Entry type and Month/Year. http://registers.nli.ie/
      f. Roots Ireland: This is the website of the Irish Family History Foundation. It contains data from 34 county
      genealogy centres on the island of Ireland. The main sources on the site are Irish Catholic and other church
      records of baptisms, marriages and deaths. This is a subscription site with access costing from €10 for one
      day. It is fully searchable. http://www.rootsireland.ie
      g. Irelands National Archives: The National Archives allow online access to census returns for the 19th and
      early 20th centuries, the 19th‐century Tithe Applotment Books, Soldiers’ Wills and will calendars for the
      years 1858‐1920 and 1922‐1982. Access is free and searchable (available search criteria vary with the
      collection being searched). http://www.nationalarchives.ie
      h. Facebook: A number of Facebook pages deal with Carlow genealogy, just search the page/group name
      in Facebook. These are:
       County Carlow Genealogy
       County Carlow, Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP)tm
       Carlow Families Past & Present
       Old Carlow Photos

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