Visitations of Vengeance:the dramatic account of the life & death of Percival Lea-Wilson.

Chris Power discussed the dramatic account of the the life and death of Percival Lea Wilson. This tragic story is perhaps one of the most powerful and extraordinary stories from the Irish war for independence. A story of powerful elements of love hatred and redemption it covers a wide geographical area from the remoter corners of county Carlow to the ravaged ruins of Sackville street in 1916 and the height of Edwardian London society. The time frame from an Ireland as part of the empire and it’s troubled relationship with Westminister to the final dramatic discovery of the hidden Caravaggio master peace “the taking of Christ” in 1991 was all encompassed in this exciting detailed account of this fascinating story by Christopher Power.

Visitations of Vengeance

Visitations of Vengance

Visitations of VenganceVisitations of Vengance

Chris Power

Chris Power

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