The execution of the 18 year old medical student Kevin Barry in Mountjoy Prison on November 1st 1920 shocked the Irish public and convinced many that his dream of an independent  Irish republic was the only peaceful solution for a country convulsed by a violent struggle between British and republican forces.

Contemporary newspapers provided extensive and passionate daily reports on the court martial and execution of the “ lad of eighteen summers” . National and international attempts to secure a reprieve failed and Kevin went to the gallows, with courage and dignity, at 8am on November 1st, 1920.

As the centenary of his death approaches on November 1st, 2020, author Michael Moriarty, a cousin of Kevin Barry, compiles the amazing contemporary newspapers articles that recorded the last weeks of the life of this young Irish patriot. Having recently discovered the newspapers hidden in the attic of the family home, Michael brings these 100 year old news reports together again in his book,  What It Said in The Papers – The Execution of Kevin Barry.

Commenting on his book, Michael Moriarty states; “When you read these 1920 newspaper reports you will be taken back in time and you will witness the events of the past as if they were happening today. The reports are incredibly detailed, passionate and full of emotion that it would seem the reader is there as a witness to what happened. When I found these old newspapers, I felt compelled to bring them to a new generation, so that the past becomes the present”.

This book is unique and unprecedented in that it brings together many of the contemporary newspaper reports relating to Kevin Barry’s capture, court-martial and execution. . It is a valuable and informative addition to any library.

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